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Many people's favorite time-pass is smoking marijuana! Whether the marijuana is consumed through a joint, from a bong or in a bowl, the debate is all about making this drug as legal to have it! Especially a pot legal marijuana smoking! Most of the people argue that if marijuana smoking is made legal, it may help cutting back the crime in the US. If it were legal to smoke marijuana, there could have been much less criminal acts. In addition, people who prefer to enjoy smoking pot will not be binding off the court system and the jail. Though a few people argue that smoking a bowl or joint of legal marijuana may not be annoyance or harmful to anyone. As a matter of fact, smoking a marijuana joint is reported to have some health benefits.

You may find students enjoying marijuana on college campuses. They may prefer smoking it through pot or a bowl, which is also known as pipe. Smoking marijuana using a bong may make some people happier as they enjoy the drug more intensively. Many pupils never give up smoking marijuana from a bowl.

To make it clear further, have a look at the recent snaps that featured Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps who smoked marijuana from a bong. Along with other stills of Michael Phelps who smoked pot from a bong, the argument about making smoking marijuana a legalized matter has been brought to the surface one more time! Many people, nevertheless, believe that smoking marijuana by any means, either from a joint, a bowl, or in a bong is not so comfortable morally.

If you smoke marijuana joints and want to give it up, there are many ways available for help. Let us look at some tips to help you quit smoking marijuana:-

  • Keep yourself away from the circumstances and situations that make you to smoke marijuana.

  • When you have an urge for marijuana, go for legal herbal supplements.

  • Remove all triggering factors that remind you to go for marijuana. This may include cigarettes, pots, joints, hookahs, bongs, bowls and pipes.

  • Keep in mind about the adverse effects of smoking marijuana every time you feel smoking it.

  • Go for medical help and ask about legal substitutes for marijuana.

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