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The sole purpose to insist that marijuana is to be legalized across the country is to obtain the herb for medicinal purpose. Among all the negative points of marijuana ban, none is as tragically as the abnegation of medicinal cannabis to plenty of patients across the nation who may get benefited from its therapeutic usage. Many favor using some medical marijuana card to get this potential drug from any dispensary. Marijuana has plenty of health benefits through its medicinal usage. The most known health disorders are glaucoma and cataracts.

The medicinal benefit of this wonderful herb makes it potential in treating disorders associated with eyes. It helps in relieving the pressure on the eye and thus may cure cataracts and glaucoma. Another important thing about marijuana is it can help alleviating the pain in several musculo-skeletal disorders including osteoarthritis. This is because the herb acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Medicinal marijuana is also reported to fight depression since it contains ingredients those are general mood enhancers. Cannabis may also reduce the pain and hence is one of the best non-opiate non-addictive analgesics on the market. There are plenty of healthcare benefits that one can obtain, provided marijuana is made legal. It also works as potent broncho-dilator (and hence is very useful in treating asthmatic attack). The sufferers who carry marijuana-card can get medicinal marijuana from any state-regulated dispensary and can save the life.

Marijuana is not a new drug for the mankind. From ancient China and Taiwan over ten millennium years ago to western civilizations that have all the evidences about medicinal use of marijuana in the mid-1800s, the herb has helped mankind in several ways. At the beginning of the 20th century, health care experts had published more than 100 pages in different medical journals narrating the usage of medicinal marijuana and benefits of the herb in health ailments.

Marijuana is also reported to be a powerful appetite stimulant. In addition, it is also helpful to revitalize patients in degenerative diseases such as HIV and AIDS. As of now, there are over 60 US and International health organizations that insist and promote schemes that help patient to get medicinal marijuana with all legal access. Others support more wide-spread researches across the world so that we may have better picture and regulatory action on selling and owning the marijuana.

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