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The state of California is at the first place of making the marijuana a legalized herb to consume. Marijuana is an illegal drug across 50 states under the order of federal law. Nevertheless, many United States' states have authorized laws that allow the legal consumption of small amount of marijuana that has medicinal benefit within those states.

Marijuana is yet not a legal drug, but it is granted under some circumstances. There are 12 more states in the United States that have made medical marijuana legal within their territories. The list of these states is as below:

  1. Alaska

  2. California

  3. Colorado

  4. Hawaii

  5. Maine

  6. Michigan

  7. Montana

  8. Nevada

  9. New Mexico

  10. Oregon

  11. Rhode Island, and

  12. Vermont.

However, leading all the way in offering legal permission for medical marijuana is state of California. Medical marijuana has also been made legal in Canada and other several European countries. Marijuana is not legal in Mexico, where a huge amount of marijuana has been entering in illegal way.

Apart from the controversies about making marijuana legalized in California and the other forty nine states, Netherlands is the country where the drug has been fully legalized. The biggest support, of course, is its capital city Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the biggest city and the capital of the Netherlands.

The rules and regulations set by government of Netherlands support legal marijuana. You can legally purchase marijuana and can consume it and this could be a common scene in any coffee house. Coffee houses have rights to sell legal soft drugs but only to the people holding legal pass of consumption. Amsterdam is one of the most advanced cities that witness millions of marijuana fans every year. In this way, the city is marijuana smoker’s paradise who visits in their vacations.

In addition, there are a few more locations around the world that makes marijuana a legal thing to have. Mexico is comparatively a good place to find illegal marijuana; however, recent dispute in the terms of the War on Drugs on both sides of the border and in California might spoil this place in getting and consuming marijuana. The pot is still illegal in the US and Canada, in spite many efforts by several bodies.

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