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There has been a time-honored debate about legalization of marijuana in the United States. The laws in United States are firm against legalizing the use of marijuana, but why? Should this be allowed openly? Should it be legalized? You may have mix answers for this and there are many pros and cons about making this controversial product legalized.

At present, the rules and regulations for owning or smoking marijuana are very strict and United States does not allow you to use it. However, the penalization and the quantity of marijuana, which makes it illegal, may differ from place to place in the country. But, one thing is for sure, marijuana, classified under the schedule-I drug, is definitely illegal in US as well as in many other countries.

According to the survey, it is the third most popular narcotic substance, alcohol and tobacco, being placed first and second respectively. In addition, marijuana is in use by an approximate of 100 million Americans, whopping 25 million increased in just last year alone! To everybody's surprise, this figure is in spite of strict laws against its ownership and usage.

Still can we discuss about making marijuana a legalized substance?

There are many benefits come with the legalization of marijuana. The first among all is this substance is much lesser dangerous as compared to other legal components. To make it understood, just look at the figure -50,000 people who die every year due to alcohol poisoning, and other innumerable deaths due to people who are influenced by alcohol one or the other way. Smoking is another killing material that contributes to approximately 400,000 deaths every year. On the other hand, marijuana is not so toxic and may not end up in fatal condition by any means.

Another beneficial thing that may come with making marijuana legalized is the price to enforce laws against self-command and consuming marijuana. Imposing the laws on marijuana is estimated costing the taxpayers approximately $10 billion every year and this also ends up in putting more than 870,000 US citizens behind the bar every year. Amazingly, this exceeds the total figure of arrested people for all crimes combined.

Just like pros, there are many cons that fall against making the marijuana legalized in the country. It is often referred to as the initial to get into the drug addiction. The users of marijuana are generally noticed to indulge themselves into harder and more hazardous drugs. Another negative point about making marijuana is that lapidated driving may increase. Legalization of this may also put kids at risks of consuming it. Also, if the US Government regulates the selling of personal or medical marijuana, it might force drug dealers who often have connection to terrorists into bankruptcy.

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